Cable Assemblies Over Moulding and Encapsulating

Raytech sevices has 20 years experience in subsea cable moulding and encapsulating. We provide these services to the marine, oil and gas, defence and other harsh environment services industries. We use a wide range of polyurethanes, polyethylenes and epoxies. We also have a in house hot rubber injection moulding. There is considerable amount of standard mould forms for most popular brands of subsea connector types. Moulds can also be manufactured in house to suit most applications. We have a dedicated workshop facilty to carry out this activity.

► Subsea circuit board and display clear encapsulation.
► Cable and other over moulding in polyurethanes, polyethylene.
► Hot rubber injection over moulding.
► Transducer encapsulation and over moulding.
► Multiple splice and over moulding.
► Design and supply ruggedized cable assemblies and over moulding.
► Hydrostatic testing up to 300 Bar for moulded assemblies.
► Anode subsea jumper leads
► Electrical feed through design and manufacture
► Fibre feed through design and manufacture
► On site services for over moulding and encapsulation.
► Oil filled cable assemblies
► Vacuum chambers large and small