The camera viewing head is a high-resolution colour camera (560 TV Lines) housed in a stainless steel 316 one-atmosphere housing. The camera is fitted with a spherical 3.6mm lens that allows for wide-angle vision without the distortion of he video picture (fish eye effect). The housing has a design water depth rating of 250 metres. It has a toughened glass front viewing lens that can be easily replaced. Surrounding the camera lens will be set of high bright white LEDs that provide adequate illumination. The light will be diffused by the use of a Fresnel effect this allows the light to be projected towards the wall of the pipe or vessel being inspected. The geometry of the unit will allow it to fit into small diameter pipes and to negotiate 90º bends. The unit will have a set of quick release attachment points for various standoff brushes and calliper wheels. The compliant unit is made up of mechanical termination point to the push rod followed by a compliant spring section that terminates into the camera head. This flexible union allows the camera to negotiate 90º bends.

The push rod is a 80m of fibreglass rod with embedded the electrical conductors to successfully operate the unit. The rod has an over-sheath of polyurethane that has good abrasion resistance and low friction characteristics. The reeler will be fitted with set of sliprings and a cable payout indicator is standard. The reeler will be mounted on a storage frame that will have set of transport wheels and lifting point. A interconnect cable connects the unit to the control console.

Centralisers and other attachments are supplied with the unit. This allows the camera to be placed in the centre of the pipe that is being inspected and provide an all round view viewing platform. The brush attachments is manufactured out of nylon material that will allow for low friction and will not damage the pipe lining on some inspections. The larger diameter pipes where the use of brushes is impractical a set of calliper wheels can be used. The wheels will be set at 120º spacing and be spring loaded to accommodate changes in pipe diameters.

The video camera used has good low light capabilty, high-resolution with x37 zoom function. The camera has serial communication set up that will allow the operator to access all functions via the control console. These parameters can be set by the operator to optimise the video picture. The housing is manufactured out of lightweight (6061-t6) marine grade aluminium that will have a hard anodised finish. The front end has a toughened viewing port and integral air knife arrangement to keep the lens clear of debris.

The camera will be mounted on high torque motorised tilt mechanism. This mechanism has built in slipring to allow for continuous rotation of the camera assembly. The control cable is down the centre of the extension deployment pole. The deployment pole will be made out of aluminium and have telescopic sections. The air knife hose is centrally mounted.

The control console is built into size 1400 pelican case. The unit is water tight when closed and switchgear rated to IP67. The lid of the unit has a clear polycarbonate lens and day light viewable 10-inch LCD video monitor. The lower section has all the switchgear, indicators and connectors that will be clearly labelled. The video recording is done on a solid state hard drive 500 G. this will allow for up to 1000hrs of video recording. A USB 2.0 connection allows for connection to another storage device or PC for down loading. As standard the unit has built PC that allows for video overlay time, day, date, text, camera communication, payout indictor and limited graphics. It also allows for onsite editing of the video after inspection has carried out. Both HD-SDI and composite video formats that can be processed by the unit. This unit has a universal control cable outlet that will be set-up to recognise the equipment being plugged into and provide correct set-up. Four low voltage LED circuits are built in , it provides dimming and control for Raytech Services standard LED lights.