Raytech Services has a fully equipped workshop facility. Our highly qualified staff can affect repairs and servicing to range of equipment. The following is a guideline that demonstrates our in house capabilities with service and repair.

► Communication units.
► Gas analysers.
► Subsea CCTV control units.
► Subsea camera and lighting.
► Thickness measuring gauges
► MPI units.
► Diver umbilicals.
► Subsea cable assemblies.
► Hydraulic tooling.
► Subsea NDT.

► Subsea cameras (HD and SD) and lighting.
► Digital Stills.
► Sonar equipment topside and subsea various.
► Subsea cable assemblies.
► Circuit board fault-find and repair.
► PH probes.
► ROV sensors depth ect.
► Smart valve packs.
► Subsea tooling.
► Injection skids.
► Dirty oil packs.
► Subsea HPU.
► Hydraulic and electrical pan and tilt units.
► Hydraulic and electrical manipulators.
► Hydraulic valve manifolds.
► Hydraulic changeover and servo valve servicing.
► Subsea NDT inspection.
► ROV mat able connectors.

Harsh Environment and Other
► Push rod inspection cameras.
► Mobile equipment remote controls.
► Mobile units CCTV.
► Tank inspection and survey.
► Load cell various.
► Laboratory equipment.
► Benthic scientific instrumentation.
► Cable assembly.
► Sensor encapsulation.
► Down hole inspection instruments.
► SCADA down hole equipment.
► Electrical instrument down line control winches.
► Drilling rig subsea CCTV camera systems.